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We are 3R

Production company from
Moscow, Russia

Rêver - Dream

Risque - Risk

Rire - Laugh

We dream, we risk and we laugh at success!
We unite creative powers around us
for the process of creation and collaboration.
We carry out projects from the very inception of an idea
up to the official release and beginning of PR-campaign.

Ramil Tazetdinov
CEO of 3R

About 3R

"3R" Production Сompany is all about cinema, the stage, music, show, event marketing, and consulting. We adopted a three-word aphorism from French admen as our motto: “rêver, risque, rire” - dream, risk, laugh. We dream, we risk and we laugh at success! We unite creative powers around us for the sacred process of creation and collaboration within the dialogue, the concept formation, and incremental implementation.

We work with movie projects, promotion of promising performers, shows, consulting, as well as attraction of investors and sponsors from our customer database. Our specialists have field-specific education, spacious mind, years of practice and huge experience all over the world. We participated in various creativity competitions, were awarded at different fests, took training courses abroad.

We work at the joint of two new technologies, involving talanted people into the production process. We can do anything. Absolutely.

- Ramil Tazetdinov

Our Skills

Video Production

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  • Cosmonautics Day in Kazan was splendid! You are great, guys! - Paul Van Dyke

  • Well done! You pulled off such a back-breaker as “AutoFights”- Dmitry Nagiev

  • Thank you for the top-class organization of the international conference! - Danone

Our Services

End-To-End Video Production

We understand how much influence audio-visual art influences has on the modern world and we do our job responsibly. We create high-quality works of audio-visual art from the content and the concept to the technical end.

Organization & Management

We provide a wide range of services for organization of individual and corporate events: from an idea to implementation. Organization of shows, musical and dancing performances. Celebration site and equipment for rent. Indoor and outdoor decoration with ornamental design.


Professional consulting regarding economical, financial, investment activity, as well as strategic planning, general functioning optimization, business operation and development, market research and price behavior forecasting etc.

Organization of Shows and Performances

Organization of concerts, festivals, presentations and other shows featuring performers of any level.

Writing Scripts & Concepts

Writing of original texts and lyrics for music bands and singers of all styles and genres.

Our Gallery

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer Ramil Tazetdinov
Creative Producer Adel Сavendish

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